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May you be happy and peaceful, 
May you be free from pain and fear,
May you live with love and compassion,
May you fully awaken to your greatest potential

Welcome to Heart Filled Yoga - Vinyasa style yoga taught by Kris Lowe.  .
Woodinville WA

May your yoga practice bring healing to the body; peace to the mind; joy to the heart; and a unity with your spirit.

Joyful, Empowered, Inspired

Release stress from your mind and body and open your heart to a life of joy and gratitude!

Mark your calendar for 2017!!  June 2, 3, 4 2017

Yoga Weekend in the San Juan's

This will be the last one!!  Registration now open!!


Register online

View photos from past yoga weekends in the San Juan's
Photos from 2010 Yoga Weekend
Photos from 2009
May 16-18, 2008 Photos   Photos 2008
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Class Podcast - one hour audio classes


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February 15, 2014 Let your mind and body say Ahhh   Music: Desert Dwellers   Download this episode (right click and save)
January 25, 2014 A dance of movement and breath.  Music:  Yoga Trance Dance   Download this episode (right click and save)
December 7, 2013 Beauty.  Music:  Yasmin   Download this episode (right click and save)
November 9, 2013  Roots, Stem, Leaves, Flower  Music:  At Peace  Ballake Sissoko   Download this episode (right click and save)
October 26, 2013 Fall Leaves Blowing in the Breeze  Music:  Brenda McMorrow   Download this episode (right click and save)
September 28, 2013 In the Stillness  Music:  DJ Drez   Download this episode (right click and save)
February 23, 2013 Blow with the Breeze   Music:  Yoga World by Putumayo Download this episode (right click and save)
January 26, 2013 Ground and Inspired, with a little nod to Bollywood.  Music:  MC Yogi Download this episode (right click and save)  
December 12, 2012 Happy Holidays!  A song of joy and peace  Music:  George Winston and Ben Wisch Download this episode (right click and save)
November 17, 2012 Enjoy 1 hour of chakra balancing for well being. Music: Rhythms of the Chakras II Download this episode (right click and save)
October 6, 2012 Enjoy this one hour yoga class from earlier today. Abundance flow. Music: Touched by the Sun Todd Boston Download this episode (right click and save)


September 15, 2012 mp3 for iPod Sing the song our your soul;  dance the dance of your spirit.  Music:  DJ Drez
August 11. 2012 mp3 for iPod Take a breath of peace   Music:  Girish
July 21, 2012 mp3 for iPod Go with the flow! Music: One River, Benji Wertheimer and John de Kadt
June 16, 2012 mp3 for iPod The parable of the butterfly. Music: Amrita, Returning
May 19, 2012 mp3 for iPod A  Prayer for Understanding Others  Music:  Bronwin
April 7, 2012 mp3 for iPod Yoga is a great recipe for feeling joy.  Music:  Aykanna Livelight
March 10, 2012 mp3 for iPod The Perfect Heart  Music:  Girish Remix
February 2, 2012 mp3 for iPod Yoga for a sunny day.   Music:  Surya Devi
January 14, 2012 mp3 for iPod Receive the gifts of your practice and take them into your life.  Music: Stevin McNamara
December 10, 2011 mp3 for iPod Find your way to the present moment.  Music: Masood Ali Khan.
December 9, 2011 mp3 for iPod Bonus class - a one hour gentle/restorative yoga class and holiday fundraiser for Treehouse. Relax. release and restore. Offer lovingkindness. Music: Girish Diamonds in the Sun Yoga Flow Edit
November 19, 2011 mp3 for iPod Gratitude.  Music:  Shantala, Jaya
October 15, 2011 mp3 for iPod Shine your light!  Music:  C.C. White
September 17, 2011 mp3 for iPod Let your heart sing!  Music:  Aradhna
August 20, 2011 mp3 for iPod Prayer flags blowing in the breeze.  Music:  Prayers, Meenakshi
July 9, 2011 mp3 for iPod My breath is my lifeline.  Music:  Brenda McMorrow
June 11, 2011 mp3 for iPod Gardening as a metaphor.   Music:  Ena Vie and Jane Winther
May 14, 2011 mp3 for iPod Light a Spark!  Music:  Jamaste and Stay Strong
April 2, 2011 mp3 for iPod Open your heart as wide as the world.  Music: Krishna Das mix
March 5, 2011 mp3 for iPod Chakra Yoga  Music:  Chanting the Chakras, Layne Redmond
February 5, 2011 mp3 for iPod 5 Elements:  Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Space.  Music:  Shantala
May 8, 2010 mp3 for iPod Here is a class previously not listed (given on a CD to participants at the Yoga Weekend May 2010).  A Yoga Feast!  Music:  Girish
January 15, 2011 mp3 for iPod Take the journey.  Music: Chinmaya Dunster
December 4, 2010 mp3 for iPod Give your whole self - body, mind and spirit.  Also, 51 point meditation.  Music:  Govindas and Radha, SRI Kirtan
November 13, 2011 mp3 for iPod You've always had the power!  Inspirations from the Wizard of Oz  Music: Michael Hewett
October 9, 2010 mp3 for iPod Open your compassionate heart with lovingkindness  Music: Sam Rossitto and from The Yoga Specialists
September 11, 2010 mp3 for iPod Take a Leap of Faith.  The Story of Hanuman.  Music:  Jai Uttal Bhakti Bazaar
August 7, 2010 mp3 for iPod Namaste.  We are one.  Music:  Michael H. Cohen  Om Dattatreya: Journey to the West
July 10, 2010 mp3 for iPod Step into the current, trust the flow, enjoy the ride.  Music:  Ocean, Mirabai Cieba
June 5, 2010 mp3 for iPod A flowing, breathing, moving prayer and meditation.  Music: The Yoga Sessions, Masood Ali Khan
May 1, 2010  mp3 for iPod  Look up, let blessings shower down on you.  Music:  David Newman To Be Home
April 3, 2010    mp3 for iPod How will you say YES! to life today?  Music:  David Newman
March 6, 2010 mp3 for iPod Let this practice flow from your heart, through your body, like a prayer.  Music:  Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band
February 6, 2010 mp3 for iPod Music: Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe
January 9, 2010 mp3 for iPod Inspiration from Julia Butterfly-Hill   Music: Suzanne Sterling
December 5, 2009 mp3 for iPod  
October 31, 2009  mp3 for iPod  
October 10, 2009   mp3 for iPod    
September 5, 2009 mp3 for iPod  
August 1, 2009 mp3 for iPod    
July 11, 2009 mp3 for iPod  
June 13, 2009 mp3 for iPod  
May 9, 2009   mp3 for iPod   
April 11, 2009 mp3 for iPod    
March 14, 2009 mp3 for iPod   
February 28, 2009 mp3 for iPod   
January 24, 2009 mp3 for iPod   
December 13, 2008  mp3 for iPod  
November 15, 2008 mp3 for iPod    
October 25, 2008  mp3 for iPod   
September 27, 2008 mp3 for iPod   

 Let me know the gifts you have received from your yoga practice, or provide feedback on my classes -


Pose of the Week Archive 2008
Take Home flow of the week archive 2009

Yoga allows us to open ourselves up and remove the obstacles that keep us from our center.  Allow yoga to create a path that takes you to your heart.  To who you are when you are at your very best. To your source of joy and inspiration.

How yoga brings us back to a sense of wholeness:

 1.      Body ?Yoga opens the body to release tension ?allowing the breath and life energy to flow more easily and for our own natural healing systems to work effectively.  Yoga also builds strength, balance, and flexibility in the body, helping us feel better and stronger as we resist the harmful effects of our busy stressful lives.
2.      Mind ?Yoga clears the mind ?by focusing on the body and the breath we become free of the mental clutter that causes stress.
3.      Breath - Steady, even breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system ?the relaxation response?instead of the sympathetic nervous system ?the fight or flight response??stress.

 These three things work together to create the state of relaxation and well being we experience after a yoga practice, leaving us feeling more balanced and free in our body.  Remember, the poses themselves are not our goal, they are the means to our goal of returning to our center; to who we are at our very best.

 The structure of our class 

1.      We begin with a few moments seated on the floor, focusing our mind on our breath to set the tone, centering.

2.      We move into a gradual warm up of the body.  As we warm up, we move with each inhale and each exhale, flowing with our breath.  We progress from simple movements, awakening, to combining movements in flowing sequences, energizing.  We finish our warm up with a Sun Salutation (a flowing sequence that energizes the whole body)

3.      Next are standing flows.  We focus on poses that strengthen and lengthen the body, develop concentration and balance.  Each pose is held about 5 breaths and the poses are linked together in flowing sequences.  We always balance both sides of the body.  Between series, we move through a vinyasa (moving with the breath) to keep heat up in the body.

4.      We then move to the floor for deeper stretches.  Poses may be held a little longer and focus on forward bending, back bending, twisting, hip opening, and inversions.

5.      The last few minutes of class we move into final relaxation ?resting on the mat.  This is a time for our bodies to absorb our practice and for our energy to balance.  Receiving, restoring, releasing, renewing.  We have a short meditation and then slowly move back to a seated position to close with ?Namaste??a Sanskrit word which means ?My spirit honors your spirit?

Class schedule:  (Gold Creek Tennis and Sport Club, Woodinville WA)

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:15 pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15 am
Saturdays 10:00 am



Contact Information                 

Kris Lowe

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